About Steem Marketplace

Pushing the Steem blockchain forward with open source commerce solutions.

For any blockchain, adoption is crucial to token value, but also longevity and health of the blockchain itself. Steem Marketplace aims to develop and sustain a marketplace platform that spans across a plethora of commerce options.

Commerce is an important step to more mainstream adoption, if you can get non-technology focused eyeballs who want to transact, that gives the underlying blockchain and its associated tokens real value.

Why the Steem blockchain?

When it comes to transaction based infrastructure, speed and security are the two biggest factors. You don't want users standing around for minutes while their transactions are confirmed.

Steem's three-second block times mean by the time a user hits "buy" or "withdraw" things happen right after.

Our Ethos

  • Always open source
  • Always feeless peer-to-peer transactions
  • Act within the best interests of the Steem community
  • Give more than we take

Visit our open source Marketplaces


(coming soon)

Buy and sell domain names.


(coming soon)

Buy and sell services.


(coming soon)

Buy and sell handmade items.


(coming soon)

Buy and sell apps.


(coming soon)

Bid-based buy and sell.